Main Courses

竜田揚げ Tatsuta age deep fried marinated chicken fillet $15.50
とんかつ Tonkatsu deep fried crumbled pork loin / chicken fillet with japanese BBQ sauce
鴨の煮物 Duck ni japanese style deep braised duck $25.00


Shogayaki thinly sliced pork cooked in a fragrant ginger sauce $17.00



Gyuniku Yasai yaki beef fillet stuffed with mixed vegetables in kabayaki sauce $21.00


Aona itame pan fried seasonal green vegetables or mixed vegetables
野菜天ぷら Yasai Tenpura deep fried seasonal vegetables in light batter $12.50


Tenpura assorted  deep fried seafood & vegetables in light batter $17.00
鮭の西京焼 Sha-ke saikyoyaki grilled miso marinated fresh salmon fish   $19.00



Hotate miso yaki baked half shelled scallops topped with a sweet miso sauce   $23.00
海鮮ガーリッククリーム Kaisen Garlic creamyaki mix seafood with garlic cream sauce   $21.00



Kuruma Ebi Onigarayaki pan fried whole king prawns with sweet white wine & soy sauce a touch of herb   $23.00



Kagurazaka Duck

roast duck with home made special sauce

(served with 8 crepes)

照り焼き   Teriyaki  

home made teriyaki sauce & meat of your choice served with vegetable

    chicken $17.00 / beef fillet $18.00 / fish $20.00
鉄板焼き   Teppanyaki   assorted seasonal vegetables with a home made special sauce & a meat of choice (served on a sizzling plate)
    chicken $17.50 / beef fillet $18.50 / seafood $21.00

Hot Pot

しゃぶしゃぶ Shabu-Shabu thinly sliced scotch fillet & vegetables in hot pot with tangy sauce $22.00
すき焼き Sukiyaki

one of the most popular japanese hot pot dishes

with thinly sliced scotch fillet , vegetables & udon noodles grilled at your own table


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